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The upcoming fifth generation (5G) of mobile communication systems will impact our life more than any other wireless technology in the past. The disruptive changes are the introduction of the Tactile Internet introducing latencies of 1ms, massive increase of security and resilience, as well as massive increase in throughput. It will enable tackling new markets such as Industry 4.0, transportation systems including secure driving, smart grids, health care, and many more disruption in markets as agriculture and construction industry.
The new technical requirements must be carefully extracted from a deep understanding of the Tactile Internet applications. New key technologies in network architecture, air interface, and cloud systems will achieve the requirements. This holistic 5G view is the core theme of the 5G Lab Germany, which is organized in four different technology tracks. With more than 20 faculty members, more than 500 researchers and our cooperation partners from industry we are well prepared for the upcoming research challenges in the 5G world.

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  • E006
  • Informatik

  • Dr. Rico Radeke, Dr. Roland Schingnitz, Michael Klix

  • Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Maschinenbau

  • Prof. Frank Fitzek, Prof. Gerhard Fettweis und 17 weitere Professoren der TU Dresden

  • http://www.5glab.de