Efficient Database Query Processing in Heterogeneous Environments

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The increasing heterogeneity in hardware systems gives developers many opportunities to add more functionality and computational power to the system. As a consequence, modern database systems will need to be able to adapt to a wide variety of heterogeneous architectures. While porting single operators to accelerator architectures is well-understood, a more generic approach is needed for the whole database system. In prior work, we presented a generic hardware- oblivious database system, where the operators can be executed on the main processor as well as on a large number of accelerator architectures. However, to achieve fully heterogeneous query processing, placement decisions are needed for the database operators. We enhance the presented system with heterogeneity-aware operator placement (HOP) to take a major step towards designing a database system that can efficiently exploit highly heterogeneous hardware envi- ronments. In this demonstration, we are focusing on the placement-integration aspect as well as presenting the re- sulting database system.

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