GeoGuessrCast – Ein Geo-Quiz für Chromecast und Android

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GeoGuessrCast is an app for playing a game of geo guessing with your friends. All you need is an Android phone and a Chromecast. The app is available inside the Google Play Store:

After connecting with your chromecast, one player will be the admin and can choose between the different types of geo guessing. The given city or country to guess is shown on the screen connected to the chromecast and you can type or select your answer on your android phone.

During game creation, you can choose between:

- 2 Game Modes: „Country Guessing“ and „City Guessing“ can be combined with different Gaming Profile options on different difficulty levels
„City Guessing“: Try guessing the shown city on the map.
„Country Guessing“: Try guessing the shown country on the map.

- Gaming Profiles:
Free Choice: freely type in the name of the given city or country on your phone, nearest guess gets most points
Multiple Choice: choose the right city or country between possible answers, only the right answer gets points
Pointing Mode: you get to see the name of the city or country on the screen and point on the map on your phone to the location, nearest guess gets most points

- Level of difficulty: You can seamlessly choose between a lower level and higher level of difficulty inside the android app
slider between low and high: changes difficulty based on e.g. country or city population

- Highscores:
percentage based on your expected points during the game, in harder game modes, you get higher ratings, in lower game modes, lesser ratings
Session Highscore: shows the current gaming session highscore
All-Time Highscore: shows the all time gaming session highscore from all games played

- Custome Game Setting:
Game mode settings for experts

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